Wally Walls - Then and Now

Posted by David Wallach on Apr 27, 2018 7:08:34 PM


Wally Walls Factory


I know this did not happen overnight, but it sure seems like it did. In just over 2 years we went from an empty building to needing more floor space. A quick shout out to everyone that transformed more than the space we occupy (did I mention that we need more space!). Modular construction is no longer the exception to the rule - it is the rule. Building with better materials is also no longer the exception. Meeting stricter energy codes is a huge challenge, and so is erecting a project in a timely manner. There is no argument to be made in favor of field erected, stick built construction with poor performance. Similarly, light gauge structural framing provides the very best flexibility, and cost performance ratios when compared to masonry or red iron systems when light gauge is also an option. I guess if you look at the picture above you’ll understand that a lot of people have already figured that out.

What are you building with?

Build Better. Build With Wally!

Better. Better. Better.


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